There are many advantages available for those who decide to live or invest in Azores:

  • Where three continents – Europe, Africa and America – converge, boasting regular connections to major international cities.
  • There can be up to 3300 hours of sun in the southern part of the country and 1600 in the northern part, some of the highest numbers in Europe.
  • That speak various languages.
  • Rich in architectural heritage, not to mention wine and unmatched cuisine at very competitive prices.
  • Portugal ranks as the 3rd most peaceful country in the world among 163 countries (Global Peace Index 2019).
  • According to the World Economic Forum, Portugal is the 13th country with best infrastructures (road and harbor) in the world.
  • Permits for investors, entrepreneurs and highly qualified workers.
  • Tax benefits available for non-habitual residents and some sectors of activity.
  • With Partnerships agreement between Azores and the European Commission for the implementation of the European Structural and Investment Funds for the period 2014-2020 defines the principles and objectives of the economic, social and territorial development policy in the light of the Europe 2030 strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Operated through 16 Programs, it provides an amount of 25 billion euros to stimulate investments in the areas of Competitiveness and Internationalization, Social Inclusion and Employment, Human Capital and Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources, mobilizing, with the intervention of Turismo de Portugal, the following direct incentives to business investment.
  • For innovative projects developed by SMEs under two years old, integrated in cultural and creative industries, sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge, or in sectors that value the application of R & D results in the production of new goods and services.
  • For innovative projects developed by SMEs or non SMEs that correspond to an initial investment and that translate into the production of tradable and internationable goods and services with a high level of national incorporation.
  • For immaterial projects developed by SMEs in the area of competitiveness that aim at strengthening business capacity through organizational innovation.
  • Which provide one of the best competitive advantages in inteire Europe in several business areas, offering excellent opportunities of investment incentives. Including an attractive investment support system, employment support measures, competitive taxes and specific tax benefits. Due to its geographical location, the Azores has a proximity to the time zones of the European and American continents. The official time in the Azores differs only one hour from the United Kingdom, two hours from Germany, four hours from the East Coast of the USA and three hours from the East Coast of Brazil. This allows a continuous service to customers at lower costs.
  • The Azores Islands are a world-leading regions regarding the good environmental practices and sustainability, while offering a climate of undeniable political and social stability and high levels of security. In the leadership in Renewable Energies, since a large percentage of energy production comes from renewable sources, being the national leader in geothermal production.

The abundance of good structural conditions and natural resources, the unique cultural and historical heritage in the world, visible on all Azores, combined with authenticity, hospitality and quality of life, make the one of the places more  attractive in the World.

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