What we offer:

We support our clients in the different stages inherent to the decision and process of relocating companies to the Azores.

We guarantee the best support to the investment. In areas like Business Management, Legal & Tax Consulting, Support Real Estate Projects, Support to Strategic Project to Azores, Creation and develope of Business.

Our services also include:

  • Audit and inventory of existing/possible locations for the client & investment;
  • Development of a strategy for the location decision;
  • Best Real Estate Deal;
  • Remodelation Support
  • Business Plan & Implemetantion;
  • Legal & Management Support;
  • Tax Benefits;
  • The Best Funds & Incentives;
  • Staff Hiring and Training;
  • Visas & Permits Programs.

Choosing the perfect business location is vital to the success of any activity.

Several factors contribute to the definition of location, namely:

– The existence of a skilled workforce;

– The access to markets, clients and suppliers.

These factors are decisive for the success or failure of the creation of a business.

IBC AZORES provides several services and exclusive support to help companies and private client`s to set up or expand to the Azores.

From the study to the adequate geographical positioning, market segment positioning, the purchase or rental of the best property or land, the licensing and its legal framework, the conception and concept of business, assisting, developing and supporting all types of industries and businesses, or even I&D operations, within the Azores. And from Azores affirm your business, being able to expand it in Portugal and throughout the European continent.

We cover all the phases of the relocation process to the Azores, from the strategic planning, project feasibility, definition of investment costs, the location decision with the selection of the site, the execution, adjudication and monitoring of works, the management of the business itself, to the hiring and training of staff dedicated to support and collaborate in the business.

By identifying the different location options considered suitable and different business models, we will select through comparative studies the best solutions.

Since each project and each client has different requirements and specificities, our set of services is applied exclusively to each project at all stages of the location decision, investment design, and business realization.

Business relocation support services

For each of the location options, we elaborate:


– Social and demographic studies;

– Comparative analyses of economic viability and human resources, their qualification and cost;

– Identification of the site’s educational infrastructures, including those for professional training;

– Analysis of telecommunications and other public services (water, gas, electricity,…);

– Identification and evaluation of properties suitable for the site and available sites;

– Identification of local, regional and national incentives;

– Assessment of local attitudes towards the company in question and the expected level of support and attitude of local authorities;

– Identification and audit of the local transport network and its consequences for the customer;

– Supplier identification;

– Comparison of pricing and taxation policies;

– Analysis and identification of the level of public safety;

– Identification of suitable accommodation, schools and other social entities for expatriate technicians working for the company;

– Comparisons with the level of cost and quality of life;

– Design and implementation of management solutions to recommend changes.

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