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Business Creation in Europe and Portugal – from the Azores

Portugal is the oldest country in Europe recognized as a kingdom since 1139. It became a republic in 1910 and was known as a powerful maritime country, offering ease of entry for those responsible for commercial affairs.

If you want to open a company in Portugal, via the Azores, which has the lowest tax rate in Portugal and which has one of the best tax systems for companies in the world.

We invite you to ask for help and guidance from our Portuguese specialists who will help you in the formation of your company.

In addition, the company registration process in the Azores can be easy and fast if you provide us with the necessary documents and information.

Why choose the AZORES for business?

Opening a company in Portugal from the Azores and doing business can be done quickly as the authorities have encouraged foreign investment with the help of several important incentives.

The Azores have the best tax and tax system in Europe.
The best incentives for the European Union’s International Investment packages.

When deciding to move to the Azores for small business purposes, it is advisable to analyze the market and the main sectors in which you intend to start your activity.
For example, Portugal is known for its genuinely local products, which are extremely competitive outside the country.

Bioagriculture, the sea, the food industry, tourism and commerce are fundamental sectors in the Azores, where many entrepreneurs choose to set up their activities. In addition, you can also direct your attention to online business opportunities. Financial benefits come with businesses like web design, online marketing or social media activities, small businesses that can easily generate money.

Many entrepreneurs are interested in opening fast food or restaurants with local or international cuisine in large cities such as Ponta Delgada, Praia da Vitória, Lagoa, Angra do Heroísmo or Ribeira Grande where tourism is well developed. Small businesses in the Azores are the right start in most areas for entrepreneurs looking to benefit from the opportunities of an attractive island ecosystem.

If you are already in the Azores, you can schedule a meeting, or schedule a conference call if you are outside Portuguese territory.

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