You can apply for a D2 Visa / Residence Permit directly in Portugal, without the need for a prior special purpose residence visa from the Portuguese Consulate in your country/area of residence. The time required to review the application is, on average, 60 days. Your D2 visa allows you to stay for 4 months in Portugal, during which time you must make an appointment with SEF to obtain valid Portuguese residency.

Who can apply to the D2 Visa:

  1. Entrepreneurs who want to open a business in Portugal.
  2. Entrepreneurs who own a business in their home country and wish to open a branch in Portugal.
  3. Self-employed, independent/liberal professionals who want to work in Portugal and who already have a work contract or a written job offer.
  4. Freelancers and digital nomads can also apply as long as they demonstrate relevance and differentiation in the market.

To apply the D2 Visa:

                           Investment Declaration

  • It is necessary to provide the statement as proof that you have made/wish to make an investment in the Azores, indicating its nature, value, and duration. The visa application will be assessed according to the criteria of: economic, social, scientific, technological or cultural relevance of the investment, and not least the creation of jobs that will be a determining factor.

        Business Set Up

  • Proof that you have the financial resources in Portugal that demonstrate you can set up a company in Portugal or that you have a company operating in Portugal.

         Business Plan

  • You must show a structured business plan that will be reviewed for its social, economic, and cultural impact.

           Share Capital

  • This is an initial capital that ensures that the company can function, even if it’s not making profits.

     Financial Capacity

  • Declaration that you have the financial capacity to sustain your company and that it is viable during the time.

        Health Insurance

  • EU-wide health insurance cover, both for you and for any dependent applicants. Upon receiving your residence card, you will have access to the Public Healthcare System.

       Tax Representative

  • Non-EU citizens applying for the D2 Visa are legally required to appoint a Tax Representative in Portugal or choose to be notified by the Portuguese Tax Authority (Portal das Finanças).

           Service Contract

  • Liberal professionals must apply with a written contract or proposal to provide their services.

Personal Financial Means

  • Proof that you have the financial means to live in the country for a year, regardless of your business’ income. 

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