The “Digital Nomad” concept consists of an individual whose work is mostly remote so that, due to greater flexibility, they can move from country to country and live in different places while working.

There are two different types of Digital Nomad visas, taking into consideration the length of stay: Temporary Stay Visa and Residency Visa.

Temporary Stay Visa (Digital Nomads)

The Temporary Stay Visa for Digital Nomads must be requested at the Portuguese Consulate serving the applicant’s current country of legal residence. If you intend to stay for a short period of time in the Azores, the Temporary Stay Visa is the most appropriate, since it is valid for one year and allows you to work as a freelancer or as an entrepreneur.

Residence Visa and Residence Permit (Digital Nomads)

A special residence permit for Digital Nomads must be applied for at a Portuguese consulate serving the applicant’s current region of legal residence. If you intend to live in Portugal for a period longer than one year, the Digital Nomad Residence Permit would be ideal.

This visa also allows residence permits to be issued to the applicant’s direct family members under the “family reunion” rules, without the need to apply for the special visa, in other words – they can enter Portugal as tourists.

Note: This visa allows a maximum of two entries and a stay of up to 4 months in the country.

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