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Feasibility Studies are instruments of high importance in projects to create new companies, as well as in projects from the perspective of a company in activity, and that need to assess the value of a possible investment project to be carried out and estimate its impact on the company. The implementation of investment projects requires a structured analysis of the market, the company, the product or service, and a specific business plan that supports the viability of the investment.

A feasibility study provides you with great benefits, such as improving project focus, identifying new opportunities, and organizing and planning resources for the project.

A feasibility study is intended to provide information about the project and mitigate potential business risks.

We highlighted some of the aspects of this Study:

– Market viability
– Financial-economic feasibility
– Technical feasibility.

Feasibility studies are critical for the following reasons:

  • Assessment of investment risks.
  • Basis for credit negotiations.
  • Sustained business merger.
  • Investment analysis.

We have qualified professionals to forecast the costs of your project. We make an evaluation through a viability study about the risk inherent to the uncertainty of your project’s return.

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