One of The Most Attractive Incentive System in the European Union

Unique Tax Regime

The Portuguese islands of the Azores offer a Friendly and Unique Business Environment that provides one of the best competitive advantages in Europe in several business areas, offering excellent opportunities for investment incentives. Including an attractive investment support system, employment support measures, competitive taxes and specific tax benefits.

One of the most attractive tax regimes in the EU

Reasons to consider investing in the Azores:

Corporate Income Tax - one of the lowest in Europe

Only 8.75% when compared to the European average, which is around 20%.

One of the most attractive Incentive Schemes in the EU

One of The Best Europe’s tax regimes and investment incentives

One of the lowest VAT rate in Europe.

At 16%, it is one of the lowest tax rate in Europe

One of the Uniques tax regimes

The Azores benefit from a unique tax regime, offering one of the most attractive tax regimes and investment incentives in Europe, having one of the lowest VAT in the Euro Zone and presenting one of the lowest taxes in the European Union for companies (IRC 8.75%), with one of the lowest taxes in Portugal, with the possibility of also obtaining tax benefits.

Azores in figures

The Azorean business fabric has about 29,000 non-financial companies, which represents close to 70,000 direct jobs. There are about 35,000 sole proprietorships and 5,000 corporations where half of the sole proprietorships are located, mostly on the island of São Miguel. Even so, there are about 500 medium-sized companies and no more than 50 private companies with a true export vocation and condition, although the process of internationalization of Azorean companies has yet to be completed.

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