I want to Invest

How should I proceed?

IBC has several services to support investment in the Autonomous Region of the Azores. Services that meet the projects and business ideas of companies and investors of greater or lesser size and a regional or local impact. All will be specifically developed and supported to suit investment needs and priorities. Depending on each investment project, appropriate interventions will be taken in order to achieve the desired goals. In addition, our services are adapted to the size and complexity of each project, whether small or large.

In the scope of consulting in investment projects we provide services in several areas, such as

  • Preparation of business plans;
  • Economic and financial feasibility studies;
  • Risk analysis studies;
  • Study of possible financing;
  • Analysis of support and financial incentives available from the State and the European Union;
  • Project management and technical assistance.

Other areas of intervention:

  • Strategic analysis, taking into account the following variables:
    • Characterization of the company;
    • Description of the activity;
    • Market analysis;
    • SWOT analysis;
    • Analysis of the external environment;
    • Macro-economic analysis;
    • Analysis of competition;
  • Economic-Financial Feasibility Study;
  • Project Management and Coordination;
  • Innovation and Modernization Projects;
  • R&TD Projects;
  • Internationalization Projects;
  • Financial Institutions Projects;
  • Applications for Incentive Systems;
  • Presentation of projects to banking entities.

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