The International Business and Investment Center of Azores has as its mission to support businesses, development, promotion and attraction of investment to the Autonomous Region of the Azores. Is the support structure to Regional Institutions, Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Investors who wish to participate in the potential growth and enhancement that the Azores can project to the world.

IBC Azores has infrastructures prepared to receive national and international investors, with a Welcome Business Meeting Point and qualified human resources to welcome the entire community, supporting investment and business development in the Azores. It has a Desk especially dedicated to the direct support to International Investors and Entrepreneurs.

The support for international companies and foreign private client’s will be aimed at the needs for support business investment, relocation, property acquisition, strategic studies & business plan’s, legal & fiscal assistance, resource management, immigration visa & permits services, business modernization & managment, and special projetcs that giving a contributing to the growth of the Azorean economy.

  Our Commitment:

  • IBC AZORES is a Institution that cooperate with the regional governamental authorities to promote international strategies of attraction of resources, investments and know-how to the Azores, betting on Azores internal and external promotion, at the level of companies and institutions, in the different markets;
  • Attract new and differentiated audiences, promoting the entry of new players, fostering business competitiveness for the most attractive business areas;
  • Support the Relocation of Companies and Individuals in the Azores, including to residence, investment and scientific visa programs;
  • Support the placement, installation and opening of SME’s, START UP’s and Micro-enterprises in the Azores;
  • Support and promote national and international projects of reference in different areas such as: Industry, Distribution, Real Estate, Blue Economy, Green Economy, Digital Economy or Digital Nomads, Technology and Innovation;
  • Support applications to community funds;
  • Promote Entrepreneurial Investment and Real Estate in the Azores;
  • Legal, Fiscal and Management Consulting;
  • Promote job creation in the Autonomous Region of the Azores, while encouraging professional training and placement of qualified staff, in outsourcing or direct contracting;
  • Provide strategic advice and planning;
  • Support business management and maintenance, Economic Feasibility Studies and market analysis;
  • Support the Public and Private Business sector;

Above all, the Azores is a place with a worldwide strategic interest, capable of attracting foreign investment, representing today a unique opportunity, with a rapidly expanding and developing.

We know that the Azores are a region of the Future and, in the current context, the best place to invest in Europe.

This is the moment!