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With globalization it becomes increasingly imperative to act and invest in other markets, being crucial for the growth and development of a company. IBC allows you to create all the requirements for you to invest and expand your business and companies at the ideal time.

Internationalizing your Business, Brand or Institution is fundamental to affirm the economy of the Azores:

Internationalizing your company or organization can be a guarantee of innovation, expanding a business model or concept, giving it a new dimension. Investing in internationalization will allow you to leverage and segment new projects and markets, integrate new partnerships, conquer new audiences and brand images. Potentiating access to the development of a network on an international scale, strengthening the internal capacity of the company or project, attracting public or private investment for your business, updating it for the new reality we live in.

It has been proven that there is an intrinsically direct relationship between business internationalization and an increase in the economic and financial performance of companies. Therefore, the bet on the internationalization of your company should preferably focus on markets known for their high purchasing power and income level, such as the markets of the United States of America, Canada or Arab countries, among others in expansion.

Here are some reasons why you should bet on expanding your business by investing in an internationalization plan for your Company or Organization:

  • Attraction of New Audiences;
  • Possibility of Greater Segmentation of Markets and Clients;
  • Attraction of International Investment;
  • Opening to New Partners and Business Models;
  • Expansion and Diversification of Market;
  • International Competitiveness;
  • Less Dependence on the Domestic Market (already limited);
  • Increased Profits;
  • Obtaining know-how and
  • Networking Expansion;
  • Ability to Internationalize your Brand, giving it a Global or Regional Dimension and reinforcing its Image in the National Market;

We offer support in the following activities:

  • Strategic Advisory and Counseling;
  • Support to the Conception of Internationalization Projects;
  • Support to Foreign Direct Investment;
  • Support to the Preparation of Business Missions or Road Shows;
  • Support to the Promotion of National Brands, Companies or Institutional Projects in International Markets;
  • Support to Brand Conception, Intellectual Property or Business Model;
  • Diagnosis of International Investment Opportunities;
  • Identification and Definition of Strategic Business Partners;
  • Strategic Marketing Plans, International and Business Partnerships for Exportation or Acquisition;
  • Process Outsourcing.

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