Invest in Azores

IBC as an entity dedicated to attracting investment to the Azores will help you define the best investment option and strategies tailored to your needs. We provide assistance in the application process, realizing your business ideas.

There are several incentives in the Azores to support companies for both domestic and foreign investors. Our employees assure you the best way to invest.

The most attractive investment support policies directly affecting foreigners in all of Europe, are those of the Azores.

Obtaining Visas (special authorization of residence for foreigners) for our clients is one of our particularities.

The Azores are sought after by investors who idealize new and unique business opportunities. Both its location, quality of life and economic conditions satisfy several factors that justify investment.

The Azores benefit from a privileged geographical location in terms of access to major world markets.

We are in the top 10 regarding the quality of infrastructure in various sectors, namely road and maritime, and one of the safest countries with the best air transport.

Portugal is considered one of the countries with the most qualified, talented, dedicated and professional workforce in Europe.

Many of the best companies in the world have been discovering Portugal and relocating their businesses. Portugal is the 15th country in the international competitiveness ranking.

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