We maximize the profitability of different business projects, depending on the sector and the market reality.

Our International Marketing Plan is an innovative tool that allows the rapid internationalization of the company and consists of an integrated system that encompasses the Business Plan with the respective technological support.

Marketing Consulting

The marketing management consulting aims to give a global and integrated response in the main areas of strategic management consulting, marketing, communication and branding. The marketing consulting services are adjusted to each project, in order to achieve the intended goals. IBC's activities aim at the implementation of strategies and practical actions, through advanced and deep research processes. We build long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, creating successful and future partnerships. For each project, we select specialized consultants according to the reality of the sector and the needs of each project. We provide Marketing Consulting services at strategic and operational levels.

Our Marketing consulting services include:

  • Market Research, Customer Satisfaction Evaluation, and Benchmarking.
  • Strategic and Operational Planning.
  • Strategic Brand Plan.
  • Integrated Communication Plan.
  • Digital Marketing Plan.
  • Marketing Audit.
  • Monitoring of the company’s performance in the market.

We help you achieve the defined marketing objectives, in the certainty that this way your company will do it:

  • Grow;
  • Increase your sales
  • Build more customer loyalty;
  • Become more competitive.
  • Our experienced marketing consulting team will define the strategies and the action plan to adopt, also helping in its implementation.

We generate for your company a solid and effective marketing performance, with sustained results over time.

International Marketing Plan

Our International Marketing Plan is an innovative tool that allows the rapid internationalization of the company and consists of an integrated system that includes the Business Plan with the respective technological support.

Operating in new markets will allow you to broaden horizons, accumulate know-how, and get in touch with new business models, essential in strategic planning and in creating a vision of the future for your company.

Our IMP was designed by IBC’s international experts and tells the entrepreneur where, how, to whom, and what he or she can sell abroad, adjusting it to the reality and specificity of any company.

Stages of the International Marketing Plan

In this first phase, IBC will consider the different visions or strategic options in a formal document so that the entrepreneur can know precisely the size and level of performance of his company and the performance relative to his competitors (Benchmarking). With this, he can obtain the best positioning and strategic orientation in relation to the international environment in which he operates. CINIDA helps the company in the international marketing plan, to define its internationalization strategy, telling the entrepreneur:

  • Where? (Which countries and markets are the most attractive for your business, product/service range, and current positioning?)


  • Who (Who are the key players in each of these markets? Who are the main clients, distributors and other agents?)

  • What? (Which brands, solutions, products and ranges will be most attractive? At what prices?)

  • At what prices? (What is the preferred mode of entry to this market, through export, partnership with a local entrepreneur? Of what type? Investment abroad? If so, with which partner? How to make the company and its products known?)

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