Business Merger is a legal instrument applied when two or more organizations are merged, thus giving rise to a new entity. Through Business Merger, vertical or horizontal concentration of operations occurs, giving rise to many market advantages. Additionally, the merger of companies reduces costs and makes companies competitive in the distribution of products, and also eliminates competition, generating a larger market share.

Difference between merger and acquisition

A Business Merger is a process undertaken by two or more organizations that combine their assets to create a new entity.Mergers are usually undertaken with companies of similar size.

In a Business Acquisition, usually a larger company buys a smaller company and controls all of its assets.

The main reasons that lead companies to mergers and acquisitions are related to:

  1. The search for efficiency in production, producing more at a lower cost;
  2. The reduction of duplicate activities.


Mergers and acquisitions also allow companies to access new markets or improve their competitive position in their industry. Many companies also aim to obtain a dominant or monopoly position.


We handle all steps related to corporate merger processes, including:

  • Financial Valuation;
  • Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Auditing;
  • Definition of the type of investments;
  • Investment contract.

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