Strategic Consulting is based on a rigorous analysis of the situation of the company or institutional entity that intends to use consulting services. Variables such as competition and the specificity of the environment in which the company or entity operates are always considered, in order to gather the necessary information to find the most advantageous solutions and implement appropriate responses.

Our consultants use structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, as well as studies and benchmarking, in order to define the best strategies for your company.

The use of Strategic Consulting is considered opportune or urgent:

  • When the entity needs strategic advice for the definition and execution of boosting/competitiveness initiatives, in the internal or external market.
  • When there is a need to increase sales or productivity, due to loss of competitiveness in the internal or external market.
  • When the company/institution believes that it is possible to increase sales and intends to define objectives and models that will allow it to achieve its ambitions.
  • In cases where it is justified that a restructuring at the organizational level is necessary, to make the company more competitive and efficient, quickly and profitably.

Our Consulting model uses a customized method, adapted to the client’s needs, adjusted to the context and structure of the company or public institution, promoting the development of a strategic plan that comprises several stages

  1. Diagnosis of the concrete situation, identification of the problem or scenario, the forecast of results and the study of the feasibility of practical implementation;
  2. Strategic and customized planning in the study of the concrete case, to outline goals to be achieved;
  3. Definition of models and actions to be implemented;
  4. Monitoring and support to the implementation of a strategy, at the operational level.

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